Following my crush's Instagram page?

I only see this girl who I work with one time out of the week for a couple minutes so I've only talked to her a couple times. I really like her though so would it be weird if I followed her Instagram? I just want to try and connect with her more but it's really hard to. I feel like it's obvious that I searced her name to follow her. Is it weird to do this, or do girls not mind people following their Instagram?

Ok, so it's cool to follow her like I figured, but what about complimenting her pictures and saying things like "pretty :)" on her posts?


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  • No not at all. I know I would love it if a guy I know of have seen around followed me on Instagram and then likes my pictures. I get happy when my friends like my pictures. So sure follow her. What could go wrong.

    • What about complementing her pictures with a simple "pretty :)" comment? Would that be a good idea as well, and do they like that?

    • Yeah I would be flattered 😊 There are a ton of girls that would love to be complimented. Go for it!


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  • Honestly, no. To be Facebook friends would be a bit odd, but (almost) every girl loves having most amount of followers possible. Me, I don't mind flowers or who they are but I don't care if I have them either. So yeah go for it.

    • Thanks for the helpful reply :) and as far as commenting on her pictures, would it be a good idea to complement her pictures just to show even more that I'm interested?

    • *followers not flowers sorry

    • And I don't know... I mean maybe if she likes you then she would live that... no one's ever done that to me because I don't use Instagram.

  • yep go for it

  • no, that would be a great idea if you suspect she likes you back