Am I embarrasing myself?

I like one of my guy friends and lately I've been trying to talk to him more. he texted me once last month and I've texted him a few times but every conversation we have he ends up not replying some time during the convo. We're pretty good friends but is he trying to send me a signal that he's not interested?


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  • When you say some time, can you be more specific how often and how he does it?

    • For example we talked like early morning last Sunday and into Sunday evening and the convo was going fine and then he just stopped talking, and it usually happens that way

    • If this sounds correct, you two were talking for quite awhile. Hours even? If so, I wouldn't be concerned at all. He probably grew tired of texting as many people would if texting that long. I wouldn't count it as a sign of disinterest. In fact, it may even be a good thing that he was cool with texting you for the entire day non-stop.


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  • Does he know you like him?


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  • He's either not interested or not big with texting
    Try talking to him in real life or asking him to hang out
    That will give you a better indication