Should I settle or wait?

My boyfriend of basicly 4 years asked me to marry him. I honestly dont know what to say. i'm so afraid that im settling in the fear not finding a good guy or one my parents actually like. i'm not all that happy with him, sure im content but that sounds like im just in a comfort zone. i know his parents have been pressuring him about this as well. and mine has been hinting as well. we do not have a lot in common and our priorities differ a lot as well.

he does not realise the financial aspect of getting serious as he still live with his parents and has no plans of moving out. he has asked me in the past to come stay with him (move in with his parents).

He is a good guy and do love him, the biggest problem is i dont know whether i love hom as "future husband"/ best friend or just a great friend with benefits ( as our sex life is not something i can find a problem with;)]

Please help or give me advise or something. I've been going mad trying to figure out what i feel and what i should do


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  • If you have to ask online, then just wait.


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  • wait for the next guy you dont seem to thrilled with him. Your young your only 21 you have plenty of time to look for a better guy.


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  • If you don't love someone don't marry them. You will waste your time and life on somebody and find out much later that you shouldn't have married him at all, you should have waited for the right person who is nearly perfect for you. There's someone out there.

    Don't stay with him because he's comfortable, or your friend, stay with him because he's your husband and you love him. Don't live your life in fear