Where to find a girl for long term?

I'm having trouble finding a loyal girl. My life is simple. I work for a mortgage and I exercise and read in my spare time and I go out with friends but I really just want to start a family but not with a girl just looking for fun. Should I be looking at this a different way? Most girls seem to want to just get laid and get treated like crap.


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  • It's nice that you're emotionally available, but not every girl would be good enough for you to want a relationship with. So you should just be open to meet new people and if there's someone you actually like just make sure you ask her or get to know somehow if she's just looking for fun. there will be all types of girls out there


What Guys Said 1

  • then it'd be a better solution to try online datin so u'll have more chances maybe? since it might take u years to find da gal u r lookin for