How do I get girl out of her work and somewhere else without necessary asking her on a date?

i've meet this girl who works at a restaurant near where i work and seen her there several times this summer but never seen her anywhere else around town and trying to think of some way to get her out of her element and doing something else. but i'm not sure she'd be ready for an actual date in the sense , maybe more hang out as friends or run into her somewhere like a patio of a bar. i know she likes to go to the beach and i mentioned i liked to go swimming but not sure that be something i could get her to do or not.
thoughs? ask her or is this just not happening? i sense she is bored there and looking for something fun to do


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  • you will say to her upon next visit
    I love this place you work and you are always so charming. I don't know of many dining places in town as nice as this and was looking for something different & fun. I wonder... if I picked up the tabs for both of us... would have time you guide me one night to some you like?


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  • Why are you against asking her out exactly? I mean that's pretty much what you're doing when you ask her to do something

    • I'm not sure of her exact relationship status , I get the feeling she is into me but she might not be totally single and I find the girls she works with and jealous I like her more than them so it be tough to do in front of her co workers

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