Why does it feel like I get absolutely nowhere with online dating?

I get literally TONS of messages all the time and I've gone on quite a few dates but then MOST of the guys just stop contacting me or are too busy. What gives? Not really sure what I'm doing wrong...


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  • Might be your personality, it might be them trying to get easy sex and see they can't get that from you. There's too many variables at play to say which one is causing this.

    Have you ever had a relationship, whether it happened from online or in person?

    • Yea I'm surprised and disappointed at how many guys are on online date sites for SEX like WHY? If you want sex go to a fucking hookup site, don't waste my time on. So there's that but I also don't have much luck in real life either, despite people telling me I'm attractive and friendly enough. I don't have many guy friends. And I've never been in a serious relationship before. I don't know what to do cuz I don't wanna be single forever...

    • I say just put yourself out there more. Do you make it obvious when you're interested in someone or try to lead them on a chase?

      Also do you tend to have a resting bitch face? I know some girls do and they tell me all the time how they scare people off when they don't mean to.

    • If I'm interested in someone (and I'm picky) I will go for them. But so far the few guys I've been really interested in just stop contacting me randomly. I haven't found many guys I like a lot tho on online dating. I'd never lead a guy on a chase, I always tell him Im not interested if thats the case, id never just "disappear" like lots of guys have done to me. And probably, a few of my friends and my mom say i have a resting bitch face but I always smile when i am talking to people or if I see someone I know.

  • I get absolutely nowhere with online dating, either.

  • The thing about online dating is that you get lots of responses. So you have to weed out the flakes and guys just looking to for sex.

    Since I don't really know anything about you it's hard to comment any further.


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  • Are you using recent pictures of yourself on your dating profile?

    • Yes! And I've had a few guys I've gone on dates with that I look better in person whatever that means...