Guys, would you be attracted to or date a thicker girl?

(meaning thick thighs , big butt , a little chubby) racially (African American and Native American )
Im an cheerleader , basketball player , and an softball player. Im well known in the school for all positive reasons. I'm majority of the time nice to everyone but I do have my moments. I'm a pretty sweet and cheerful bubbly person. im not someone that sleeps around or an judgmental type or girl. I have a lot of friends in school... But I've only had 3 boyfriends...2 caucasian and 1 African American... maybe im not atteactive or im not approachable... I don't know im an junior in highschool my first prom is coming up. I don't even know if i'll be asked. but whatever lol tell me what your opinion is. I won't take anything negative to heart but only in thought. your opinion is YOUR opinion.


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  • I'm 21 and have never had a girlfriend or even went on a date. I'm attracted to all types of women, big, small, white or black it doesn't matter to me.

    I've asked out a girl similar to you're description. She said no but that's besides the point. Believe it or not, guys aren't all about looks. As long as you're a nice girl, guys will like you.


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  • You bet! Thick girls are some of my favorite.

  • Hell yeah! It wouldn't matter what race either. She could be green alien

  • No cuz you're underage. Over 18, yeah I would