He confessed his feelings then distanced himself, what is up with that?

I've been talking to Mr. X for about 4 months. We've been on only 3 "hangouts" as he calls them. I started sensing that he may not have been looking for a relationship so I decided to pull back multiple times and made it clear why I was doing so and each time he comes back. Now, the last time I pulled back, he messaged after a week of not talking and confessed that he "really liked" me and I said "well, this is just becoming a vicious cycle, we know how it'll end each time" and that's when he said "if that's the case, we'll go further and make it exclusive". Then he went on about how he missed me so much and what not. Now, I told him that I needed to think about things, so I didn't really give him a response, but I haven't heard from him for 2 days. Is it that he's giving me space to think or he could have recieved the wrong message that maybe I'm not interested?


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  • Probably both, one right after the other.


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  • he wants to know that you're interested.