Is there really more to life than just girls?

I've been wanting a girlfriend for a while now, but recently i've decided to give up on that since I have shitty luck. I would get sad about that. A family member told me once that there's more to life than girls. That I had to find something that I am really passionate about and it will help you forget about your troubles in terms of getting girls. I don't know if that's even possible because i'm at an age where I just want to experience things with them, but since I can't get one i might as well take that advice.


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  • You're obsessing and that's stopping you from getting a girlfriend.
    I was obsessed like you not long ago, but I recently gave up on dating and just want the fun stuff. I actually do want a girlfriend, I know that's the best for me, but since I can't find the right girl I just will go for hookups, cause I know it's something I can get, but deep down I'd rather be with just one girl.
    There's much more than girls to life, even though being with the right girl can make your life much happier, but you gotta find happiness being by yourself. Find something you're passionate about, or find something you like and become passionate about it. Get your mind off girls and you'll see how you start seeing more interesting women in your life.


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  • Although I'm much younger than you and haven't really experienced what it's like to be 22, I do have to say that being single has it's benefits and it's golden moments. I mean, of course a relationship is something everyone wants (except asexuals?) but you have to experience life with freedom.
    In order to take care of somebody's heart and happiness, you have to ask yourself if you're stable enough or happy enough to do it. You have to ask yourself if you're stable enough to take care of yourself, if you can be by yourself.


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  • My dear friend. Find that passion and work towards it. Sometimes girls actually become an irritation and a block to your goals. If I could be blunt, get a prozzie, get it off your chest, tell everyone you had a one night stand (nobody gives a fuck anyway) and get talented. Women love power. Get powerful, and you get women.