Guys, is it a turn on or turn off if a girl asks you out?

Guys, how do you feel when girl would call you to ask you out for a first date?
If you would like her, would it make any difference that she made the first move? Would you stop liking her because of that?

Is it a turn on or turn off?

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  • Turn on. I like confident women that go for what they want, not the little "princesses" that want everything handed in a silver plate.
    I like making the first move too, but knowing that the girl didn't give a fuck about what society says and made the first move, tells me that she's really interested, and she automatically wins a lot of points with me.


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  • Id probably turn her down.

    • why? even if you would like her before?

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    • Common, you should feel like a "boss" when she does it. It just proves you are exactly her league ;)

    • Im not even shitting you here asker, If i was walking about tomorrow, and some girl came up to me and asked me out, I would probably be first insulted (Like she was just taking the piss trying to mock me). yet, If she was persistant about it, I would probably sit her down and have a nice conversation about how she could do better and not having to lower her standards and shit.
      My worst fear in life is to be an object that some lovely girl had to ''settle'' for. I wouldn't be able to sleep at night knowing that.
      I would much rather see her be with someone better, that would truly make me happy, because she deserves it.

What Girls Said 1

  • if he does not have the balls to ask then we may never go out. I like a man with the confidence to ask

    • Guys also prefer the same -- a girl with confidence and taking her own initiative. Not a self-centered girl who wants "everything on a silver plate"