How to ask boyfriend to stay overnight? Vice versa?

We go to different colleges (40 min apart by bus) and it can sometimes be inconvenient to travel all the way back late at night. I want him to be comfortable staying over with me and I would like to be able to stay over his dorm without feeling like I've overstayed my welcome. But how do I go about talking to him about this without making it awkward?


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  • You just need to be straightforward. Tell him that you don't like when he drives back so late at night, and maybe he should just stay the night and head out in the morning. It's safer. But make it clear that it's up to him. "If you want.." or "You're welcome to.." are phrases you might want to use. Of course, he is your boyfriend, and it's generally OK to share your desires with your significant other. How long have you been together? When I first started seeing my girlfriend, it wasn't very long at all before we started staying at each others places because we'd miss each other when one of us left at midnight.


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  • I think you should invite him over to your place. Try to get in a really good comfortable position with the dude... and as the later it gets, that is when you ask him to stay overnight.
    The dude will be more vulnerable, and believe me, if some girl is resting her head on his stomach, no matter what time it is, that guy ain't moving.

  • "if u r very tired goin back how about stayin overnight wid me? there's no need to be shy"



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