How to not be so messed up in relationships?

I'm tired of being so insecure all the time.
I don't want to be needy, clingy, or jealous. When things go good and the moment something seems off with a guy I'll start acting irrationally, and I'll push them away and I'll be so paranoid. I need help in this. I can't keep getting into relationships and associating them with pain, other wise I'll get to the point where I give up and I'll never let anyone in... what do I do? I want to change...


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  • Why do you do the things you do not wish to do?

    Indeed, it is a logical question but not how people work. When you were driving people away, ask yourself how you felt. Were you afraid of something? What do you expect from the guy, that you wanted out of him?

    Then keep asking why, and follow the question train to the root of your problems. Changing takes time. You'll get it though if you keep working on it!


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  • You are attracted to the wrong kind of guys. Find the right kind, and the right one... all that should stop. If it doesn't, seek therapy.


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  • I think it's just something you need to learn on your own. Or you can take therapy, because that can help too. I personally think you have to find the right person who will help you learn.

    You do have to love yourself and not be insecure about yourself first before you can have a healthy relationship with someone, too.