Is it really so bad to feel this way?

I've never had a girlfriend... or the confidence to get one... and so I can only imagine it, but I'd think that it'd be awesome to have someone to call "yours" who loves you and wants your love in return. But I keep hearing especially from girls about how pathetic it makes me to think about that... I dunno, is it really that bad to want that? I mean, I know a 20 year old dateless wonder is no girl's dream catch, but is it so bad that a guy wants a relationship?


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  • That's actually very beautiful, honestly it just takes time to find someone like you and to connect with you , it happens at all different ages don't worry that special girl will come and when you find her go for it , if you pretend to be confident eventually you will be good luck! Ps could you answer my last question please


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  • No , I didn't have one until I was 21, you just have to keep trying, it's easier for girls at a younger age but harder for shy guys