I need some serious help with this?

So after an emotional few hours of thinking about mine and my guy's future as a couple, I decided that it was better to break up.. not because I don't like him ( im crazy about him) but because we are ona deadline where we're both leaving the country soon. We've talked about the future but haven't come up with a plan yet. Why not break up now and save yhe heartache later.
After telling this to the guy, I tried to leave his house and he stopped me. We talked and he said " I wish I could just let you leave. It would be easier. But I can't let you go. I don't want this to end either"

I literally have no idea what to do.


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  • I'm in a long distance relationship my girlfriend lives in the Philippines and I live in the USA. We talk about the future she worries about it sometimes too much because I'm still finding a stable paying job where I can support her and she is also finding work the thing is that the future is unknown you never know what's going to happen your guy really loves you don;t let him go even if you both will be long distance. don;t worry about the future it will work itself out just don't ever quit because things get hard. I can tell you it's not easy for my girlfriend and I we get in fights a lot but we have been together for 9 months and counting :)


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  • i would enjoy the time you have together now, don't leave the country on a sad/sour note. leave the country with great memories and a grand goodbye. end it with a bang, not a fizzle. especially if you're both crazy about each other... you don't have to make this a sad thing.

  • If you really are crazy about each other, you will find a way to stay together

  • That's love ❤️
    I feel like you should give it a try but then again if it ends it be a heart break