Is it disrepectful for your boyfriend to be friends with a girl knowing she likes him?

If you have access to my other questions this is pertaining to the girl in the first question. But judging by messages it's obvious she is infatuated with him, I haven't seen any where she's explitly like i like you but she's a little too nice and I also saw a screen shot of her on his phone (what hurt even more was he was on the phone with me at the time). His excuse is he doesn't have friends his family are oversees and I'm in another state, so if he finds a friend to talk to its good for him. And he claims that he tells everybody about me, except I'm pretty it's more like he tells everybody when it doesn't matter, and and where it really matters like girls who like him he doesn't because that girl asked what he did for his birthday and he said nothing, which is a lie cause I did stuff with him... anyways sorry for it to be long winded but how would you handle this situation and how would you bring this up, obviously he doesn't know I saw the messages


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  • No 💁 you don't own the person there friend are there friends


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  • Yes, it's disrespectful. I would be careful with him. He could be cheating on you and you wouldn't even know it because you live in a different state. He's obviously trying to hide the fact that he has a girlfriend from this girl. I don't trust it.

    My old best friend is in a relationship with a guy who cheated on her with a girl that had an obsession/infatuation with him. He kept telling her that the girl wasn't a threat and that he didn't like her and thought she was gross. Next thing you know, he says that he thinks they should take a break from their relationship because he needed to focus on school. The break lasted for 3 days. Within that time he cheated on her. He had sex with the girl that he said was no threat. He and my old best friend also live in different states.

    Be careful. This guy seems a little shady to me. Tell him that you really don't feel comfortable with him talking to this girl and that you understand he needs friends, but that you believe this girl wants to be more than friends. I bet that if he knew you were talking to a guy that had more than friendly feelings for you, he wouldn't be comfortable with it and would be quick to tell you that he doesn't' want you talking to him.