Why doe woman always open up to me so quickly?

I know its sort of a good thing if a woman opens up to you, but when its so soon i feel like i will make a "good friend" to them. I can't help who i am and i just have that kind of personality, but it seems my personality gets more woman wanting to be my friend than datin. Its really annoying?

I consider myself a good guy not the nice guy. Why do woman want to be my friend, i dont get it?


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  • I know the feeling! At the moment this guy wants to be my 'friend' even through I have thrown me and my big boobs in his direction. It really is sad!


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  • I get a lot of women telling me stuff. It never precluded romantic interest from them. I think they did it because I'm 'a good listener' and understand women well enough to know when they tell you they just ate half a pond of chocolate, "why the hell did you do that?" is not the best thing to say.


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  • Okay it may seem a negative but it is actually a positive - it means you are a nice guy