Does he like me?

Well, me and my mother go to church every Sunday, and I was sitting in the back row when I spotted a guy playing the drums. He is really attractive, and I couldn't stop staring at him. Suddenly, every Sunday he would stare at me, looking me in my eyes, and I couldn't stop looking at him I was so in love lol. But anyway, I remember one time he stared at me and he missed his cue, and the music was a mess. He looked at me again, and gave me a little smirk. Then another time, he looked at me then he dropped his drum sticks. Then he sat by me, and then turned around and winked at me. He stares at me, and does some flirting like the yawning putting the arm around me and then smiling at me and winking. Does he like me or am I going crazy?


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  • Like... simple as that. Have fun and be safe.


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  • Yeah it seems like he likes you