Guys, my boyfriend of 8 months says we need to b more spontaneous bc he likes that. He says he likes me but scared of saying I love u bx of his past?

My boyfriend said he is scared to say i love u n its bc in past wen he told a girl he really loved she rejected him n treated him like trash! Wen we met over the weekend... I told him i like him a lot and he said he can see by the things i have done for him. he appreciates it. I said thats great but y does he not reciprocate the same feeling... Say[ng i like u too is great. But his actions are different. he doesn't say good nite or good morning n there are days where i dont message him n then i asked him wen we met.. Y he does this.. I know he spends time on fb n all of that social media crap. But if u make time for that... U can't say hi.. I told him.. This n ge says he gets that bc the girl he loved did that n thats exactly how he felt. So y is he doing this. He says we need to meet moee often n spend time together.. Do something outrageous... Great... But.. Is he scared of being hurt so he's distant himself. He says maybe he needs more time to feel love.. He wants to give us a shot bc he says no girl has treated him like i do or that i like him.. No other girl has... So whats up with him?


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  • Everyone gets that, but for guys it's a double whammy - we really can loose everything, money, kids, house, future. Maybe he just needs more time. Remember that trust is built on rights and responsibilities - at least for long term relationships - without that trust there can be NO love, believe me I've been through the ringer enough times to know that for a fact.

    Build trust through actions with him, not words - us guys are action men, that's how we communicate. Show him you care about his rights and respect his boundaries, he might not always tell you but he'll show you.


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  • It seems a communication problem. Ask him about it

  • Is this the future of communication? People typing like hormonal teenagers even when they're approaching 30? Jesus Christ.