He ignored my text... can I call him out?

So I've been talking to this guy for a couple of weeks now. We're both pretty busy people and its definitely not anything that is gonna turn serious as I'm moving in two months (he knows this too) but its been fun and it's summer so why not? lol.

Anyway, we both initiate contact and its been equal effort and we've hung out a couple of times. Now, he went away for work for about a week and a half. We didn't speak at all and I was kinda of gonna move on but on Saturday I just sent a basic "hey, how's x city?" text. This guy just didn't respond. I know he read it since we use whatsapp and it tells you when your message is delivered and seen. Now today, 3 days later, he doesn't acknowledge what I've said and just says he's back in town and asked if I wanted to hang out. (We haven't had sex yet so its not quite implied in case you were wondering)

Now, of course I'm not crying about it but I've never dealt with this from a guy who is "interested". I was kinda annoyed he didn't answer but I mean, I'd be annoyed if anyone didn't answer my text, especially if I know you read it. I obviously am not gonna full on go off on him cause that's crazy but is there any way that I can at least address what he did? More to set a boundary...

I ask because I have a friend who's kinda extreme and telling me not to talk to him at all after this. Anyway, thanks in advance for the advice!


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What Guys Said 1

  • yer friend's indeed xtreme.. he just ignore ONE text... not sth serious... unless if it happens often.

    i believe he wanted to answer like..."x city was shitty as fuck i dislike it"... or sth like this... but he chose to ignore yer text instead


What Girls Said 2

  • He could've just been busy. He could've read it and then couldn't/ forgot to reply. He talked to you about being back in the city which is good. But I know how you feel being ignored is annoying. Just ask him how was the city when you guys meet up again and leave it there.

  • Maybe he was about to respond to it but he forgot. I'd say give him the benefit of the doubt. If he does it again, then feel free to mention it to him.