What does thismean bc I noticed my boyfriend does this? Any hidden mean[ng to it?

My boyfriend of 7 months loves to keep liking girls pics on social media.. The girls that will like his pic... He likes their pic.. & i dont mean pg pics.. At times its a decent pic but at times he will like their provactive pics, ... He will even follow these girls n bc he is following thesegirls he gets to see their pics... On his home feed and will like them.. Their pics i mean based on his preference. Why is liking random girls pixs.. Following random girls... Does this mean something? When guys do this? .. Is he looking for something? ... & why do random girls like random guys pics and follow random guys... & bc some of these random girls are following him.. He follows them back.. Why is this the case? ... What are girls trying to do here? .. Im talking about instagram and facebook...

It upsets me that he is busy liking pics and following random girls... And doesn't like mine.. The last pic he liked was 6 wks ago!!


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  • Dump the asshole. He has no respect for you


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  • He's physically attracted to those girls.


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  • It means he's attracted to them, probably thankful that you let him.

    • He prob thinks i dunno he does this... Does it mean he will pursue them?

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