What am I doing wrong?

I am really getting tired of these "teen" dating sites. I am on this site, mylol, and honestly it's a bunch of guys wanting pics of me and talking about being turned on and I am sick of it. I am on the verge of deleting my account on there. All I want to do is to meet a guy, know him for a while, and take it from there. All I keep meeting are guys that rush wayyyyy too fast. The day I meet them they want to be my boyfriend, but honestly, what do I expect of a dating site? I'm a nice looking girl according to some people, and have a great personality according to my guy friends, but I cannot find a guy that wants to get to know me and take it slow. What should I do? What am I doing wrong?


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  • it isn't a dating site, although i am guessing lots of younger guys treat it as such, i am sorry your use and enjoyment is ruined by the messaging... i can only guess not being a woman what that is like


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  • It's normal for some guys at your age for guys to just want 1 thing (s-e-x).

    Honestly speaking, it'd be best if you waited til college or later, cuz that's when some will begin to mature

    Keep in mind, there are fools at every age.

    I commend you for not letting any of those pigs try to persuade you into a premature relationship.

    You're a very smart girl.


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  • You're not doing anything wrong. It's just the internet, you got to take the horny creeps too if you're joining a dating site
    They're also in that package, unfortunately

    If I were you I would put a picture... of really nothing but your face and then a close up so you don't see all of that either.
    Me and a friend did some research on that and one gets way less creeps attracted that way

  • Put yourself in places that will allow you to meet someone that you would want to date.

  • Well, that's what you get for joining a dating site. I never trust those, bunch of crap

    • I learned my lesson, I'm deleting it now.

    • Lol good idea. I didn't even have to join. I learned from watching my friends. Maybe those websites work better for people who are older and really are looking for a partner. The ones for the younger ones are mostly about hooking up.