What is the best way to know if your boyfriend loves you?

Is there any signs that I should watch out for? My boyfriend thinks I am different because I am a good girl. Like I don't take advantage of him. I understand and that why I don't really worry about being single. It has been diffcult being in a relationship with him but it has been rewarding too. My boyfriend is a really sweet guy but sometimes, it is hard for me because he isn't very considerate and he is trying to be better at planning dates and doing more sweet gestures. He thinks everything I do is funny. When I mess up or panick or what not, he thinks it is all cute and funny.

I have concerns of his past exes showing up but I figure if he ever cheat on me, I would find out. I have passwords to all his account. He has girls from his past trying to talk to him but I am not worry. It takes a special person to be patience and understanding of him. It takes a lot for me. He plans getaway a year in advance. I guess I shouldn't worry but I kind wish he plans his future with me more and save money. He joked that I can hate him when he is my husband but as a boyfriend, he wants a best friend. He only consider me his friend and his best guy friend. The rest of his friends aren't supportive. He jokes about me being by his deathbed. It is all these long term things but they are all jokes and nothing really concrete.


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  • The real question is, "how to make a girl realize that you actually do care about her if you're doing your best and she's still questioning your intentions"

    • I don't know about that. He spent his time with friends on 4th of July roadtrip. He kicked me of his place when we got into an argument. Cried and felt bad afterward for times that he treated me poorly. I just don't know at time if this is how you show someone you love them, you know.


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  • As Cher says "It's in his kiss"

  • Give him a lot of blow jobs.. thats a sure fire way of making him stay in love with you ;)

    • Lol, our sex life is great.

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