How to maintain masculinity but keep your woman satisfied in all aspects of a relationship?

Al never really wanted to have sex with peg unless it was in the "right moment". For example in episode 2 of the very first season, she's trying to get him to make love to her even though they've already been married 15 years so he should want to right? But it doesn't get till the very end of the episode that he says "ya wanna go upstairs peg" and that was after they had a really special moment.

so, how do you maintain masculinity not only when it comes to sex but in terms of all parts of a relationship. You shouldn't have to give up your masculinity just to keep a woman happy, do you?


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  • Are you using Love & Marriage as a guide for relationships? Haha! I love that show but there's is not really a marriage made in heaven is it?

    I think most women like their men to be masculine, there is no reason to forego it for the sake of an easy relationship. A good relationship will only enforce your femininity and masculinity. A good man will make you feel more of a woman and vice versa.


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  • I never watched that show but it sounds kind of like you associate masculinity with the guy being in control or at least taking the lead. That's not how I see it. Masculinity like femininity is more about how you do things than what you do in my view.