If your closest friend of a gender you're not attracted to had instead been a gender you are int... Would you date them?

Pansexuallity kinda cheats this one, lol maybe just for them, would you ever date your closest platonic friend if say they decided they were into you?
I feel we know so much about our friends that they're unappealing... Lol


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  • My closest friend is a girl, and im straight so... Yeah, but i wouldn't date her cuz im dating someone else

    • Well I won't and wouldn't are two different things... But I can understand not answering that.
      Anyway I worded my question specifically to ignore the scenario of someone's best friend already being of the opposite gender lol

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  • I don't think I would.

    • Lol yeah my best female friends have some major relationship issues I wouldny wanna deal with.

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