What would you do if your best-friend said they loved you?


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  • I have had Two Experiences @Mad_Batman, with Guy and Gal, who Were... Best-friend to the end.
    My best friend female came to my house after she got married and had then had her kids, and announced that she was in love with me. She was always like a sister to me so I told her I loved her too but only as My... Bestie.
    I also have always had bestie friends for guys but with a few, I have Had to point out that I like you and care about you but Not like you would like me to and I hope we still can be friends.
    However, with One in Particular Bestie boy, I got fooled. I was 17 and he was coming up from New York to visit now and then, and it wasn't until he took me to New York with him to spend some time over the summer with his family, that One night, when I least Expected It... I fell in love with George, by George. xx


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  • My best friend is a guy and I'm straight so I'd hope he meant it like a brother


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  • Be surprised me and her have been friends for, so long