Do you ladies really like the wounded "bad boy"?

I will be honest, I am a bitter and terribly horrible person, mainly because of my last break up. My anger has almost consumed me completely. However, no matter how mad I am or act, I still date really good looking women. I would think that my anger would definitely veer them away from me.

Do you women really like a wounded duck?


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  • I wouldn't want to date you, no. I can't really deal with someone who acts aggressively or who is constantly angry, it makes me too nervous to be around them. One of my friends used to be like that and he used to shout a lot and he went to punch me once and just hit the wall next to my head instead, so I tend to flinch if someone's angry around me.


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  • Yeah. You kind of sound like a pussy more than a bad boy, to be honest.


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  • I avoid "wounded bad boy" assholes as much as possible cuz they tend to use you cuz they can't man up and face their emotions and get the fuck over the one wrong woman who was obviously not meant to be in is life and realize that their are other much better woman out there. So ya, I don't really like them.

  • I don't know what type of women are dating you man, but i think women are attracted to the idea that a man can hate everything but still be into her? Or that he doesn't care about anything but still cares about her. or is rude to everyone but still treats her with respect. I think they like being the exception. At least that's why I like the bad boy thing


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