Why she showing off?

I propoed her twice and she rejected now i am not talking to her and ignoring her... but when i am around her then she show off and try to ignore me but when i am outside then she come to check me to whom i am talking to... i am not understanding what is in mind?


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  • she's playing games with you son, stop asking her out, and start ignoring her it will work i promsie.

    • What i do sir plzz help... i really love her

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    • well wait 1 week at least, if she doesn't contact you she might not be that interested, then you need to start talking to her again but dont ask her out. make her rely on you and need you, by listening and caring, and then start ignoring her again.

    • Today she text me say sorry i text you and my answer is NO... now what i do...


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  • She wants you bad! But is playing hard to get!

    • What i do

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    • Today she text me say sorry i text you and my answer is NO...

    • Ok, so she text you, and than you text me. You are really so sweet. 😘😘 Girls really needs to be straightforward!

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  • Just start ignoring her she's just playing games with you haha...