What if you found out the guy you had a crush on wanted the hostess more than you?

say you worked at a restaurant as a server and had a crush on a frequent customer , but found out he had more of a thing for the hot 17 year old hostess than you? how would you feel? would you just forget about him or this make you want him more out of jealously?


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  • If we never talked besides me asking what he wanted and he didn't even know i was interested i would feel jealous, but i wouldn't be mad at him. Its his feelings ya know. He can't control who he's attracted to. And if i never expressed my feelings to him, how would he gave known i ed interested

    • what if you had talked to him beyond just ordering things and had tried to make your interest somewhat known but had never dated

    • Then yeah id be pretty upset. But id just move on.

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  • That's happened to me before. Growing up, my best friend always got the attention of good looking girls our age. I have to say it did make me quite jealous, but usually I'd just accept it and mope about it some without saying anything.

    I did act like an idiot one time when a girl I had a crush on ended up dating that same friend of mine for a while, but I'll lay that one on simply being 15 and very immature. Still, I wish I would have just not worried about it.

    There's not much you can do about it at this point, but just keep being yourself and do your best not to take it personally.

    Now, with that being said, if the hostess and the customer haven't hooked up or made an attempt to do so as of yet, then I see no reason you should stop pursuing that person. I had another friend a while back that had the same kind of instant charisma with women, but one time the girl ended up dating me. She thought we got along better and found me more attractive overall, which was good to know.

    Good luck, and don't sweat it.


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  • Meh, I mean I wouldn't be mad or jealous because in the end if you have a crush on an underage girl it does me no harm. I think most people should be aware of how each and every one of them is special.. some just have a better gene pool.

  • I would be a bit hurt but will get over him.


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