Does the friend zone really exist?

The reason I ask this is because many times I've seen girls think a guy is attractive and he talks to them a ton never makes a move etc, and finally if he does the girl says yes and doesn't 'friend zone' him like she may have most other guys by this point (assuming the FZ is a real thing) but I honestly think it's more when a girl doesn't feel attraction for a guy who is otherwise sweet to her, she doesn't want to just say 'I'm not attracted' but feed them the FZ line in a (usually vain) hope to not hurt the guy or make him leave her alone all together. I don't want this taken sexist, but guys tend to be more honest when we turn someone down, nicely saying we are not attracted etc, and girls seem to want to spare us pain. So girls, when you say you just want to be friends, does it honestly mean you weren't interested in the first place?


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  • Sometimes we legit actually really like you as a person but are not romantically interested. Some girls do tend to try to soften the blow by giving the "let's be friends" line, which sucks because it does just end up causing confusion and probably more hurt in the end. I tend to be upfront about it and just straight up say I'm not interested.

    One thing guys need to keep in mind, though, when holding it against women for sugarcoating things is that sometimes men who have been rejected can respond in ways that genuinely scare us. Some men actually react violently or aggressively when they are rejected, so a lot of times women are just trying to get out of a confrontation.

    • That's kinda my point, some guys believe that certain actions place them in the zone not wanting to believe the girl wasn't interested. And usually the guys who get aggressive after a rejection tend to be the type that believe they are self entitled and are pricks anyway. I appreciate your honesty towards those you aren't interested in, I'm the same way, however I understand and respect If someone wants to break all contact after the rejection, I can see how it'd be more painful and don't view it 'only wanting one thing' from me. Some girls have issues when guys do that, not saying you do but I hope girls understand why guys may not want to associate much with a girl he wants to give all to but she doesn't wang him.

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  • Yeah it's real. Guys who are very nice, calm and boring or who acts like doormat in front of any women are easy victims of friendzone.
    A guy is expected to be dominant and decisive in nature. He is expected to lead her. You need to have aggressive as well as passive nature at one and the same time.
    A passive nice guy doesn't fits her eligible boyfriend criteria. Not a boyfriend material. Possibly a marriage material which a very young women doesn't want. He shall remain adorable only as friend.


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  • No
    She either likes you or she doesn't
    If you want to be her friend, be friends
    If not then go fly away into the sunset


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  • Hell yea the friendzone exists! I throw girls into it all the time and have been thrown into it plenty of times myself. It's just like you described: when they like someone only as a friend, and are not attracted to them at all.

  • Oh yea, I have a couple of girls in it right now with no chance of getting out lol It's a thing. Plenty of girls I like talking to and are good for advice and hanging out but no physical attraction, thats what it boils down to for me and i'd think everyone in the friend-zone, If i dont wanna do anything physical with you then you're friend-zoned.

    • Then it doesn't exist, what I mean is that is just not having attraction, friend zone is considered when there is attraction but they don't want to 'ruin the friendship'

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    • Some people are weak though and thats all they have, they have hope and it's sad but it exists, i've seen it before plenty of times and i've done it to girls. eventually they move on.

    • You don't just tell them outright you're not interested?

  • I think so. Though it only exists to whoever gets " friend zoned". Either a person likes you as a friend or more than a friend. It's not a mutual thing.

    • I always viewed the friend zone as someone saying, 'There could be something but I don't want to risk what we have' as far what the people want you to believe whereas it's more 'I have no attraction for you' which to me I can't really commit to serious friendship with a girl who does that, it's like a bone in a dogs face

    • Well I never really experienced the" friend zone". It's always been easy to make a girl fall in love with me, regardless of her/our relationship status (not on purpose, people just find me attractive I guess). So the only real experience I've had is with the girls that I "friend zoned". The only reason I friend zoned them was because I liked them, but wasn't attracted to them.

  • It exists. I used it myself: guys too friend zone girls.