How do men tell the difference between and uninterested woman and a woman who's interested and scared so she backs off. Only one date has gone on?

How does a woman who really likes you but is almost scared of her own feelings about you, act? Will she cancel dates, say no promises, still contact but not as much, or what? How can a man tell the difference between an uninterested woman and a woman who's scared?


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  • Don't believe the BS about "being scared", when we like someone we are the bravest! Like who the fuck get's scared and rejects because of that even though she likes him? Makes no sense right? So if the girl you're talking about backed off that means she doesn't like you. No need to analyze it more.

    • I've backed out when I was scared. It happens

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    • I agree with @little_bird1

      I can't speak for ALL women, but generally speaking women don't push away guys because they are scared of having strong feelings - it's not in our nature. We may say that's the reason because we don't want to lose the guy completely or hurt his feelings. But really, the whole pushing away thing is more so a guy thing to do (I hate it as well lol)

    • Well she warned me right off the start she's not kookingn for anything serious! She still doesn't know where she's on a live and all that stuff! I get what you two are saying but I've got my own intuition telling me that it's worth a chance

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  • Body language.
    Supposedly, women have 50+ signs of body language that show attraction. Look them up. But the easiest way that I could tell the difference between a shy girl Vs someone who doesn't like you is a if you talk to a shy girl she'll either look you dead in the eye when you talk or look down. An uninterested girl will act distracted and annoyed when you talk.

    • Hey ^ that's true!! (Coming from a shy girl)

    • You see that's what happened we made eye contact and everything. Went great! Then I must've put pressure on her when I didn't hear from her one day. I think I came on too strong


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  • So she's emotionally damaged and it sounds as if that was a self admitted proclimation... anyhoo, you sound like you fell very deeply in love. Why not just tell her the way you feel... and you can see from there where it goes. Once you talk to her it'll settle your mind

  • If she really likes you and you've only gone one on date (or the dating is new), there is no way she is going to back off. She will be excited to do things with you, and if anything will want to see you as much as she has time to. It is too early for the woman to be scared.

    An uninterested woman will make up excuses why she can't see you - and those excuses might be designed to not hurt your feelings.

    • Oops - correction: *gone on one date... I must have had a dyslexic moment lol

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    • You seem like a really nice and down to earth guy - and hopefully I'm wrong! I just have a lot of dating experience and have been on both ends of being the one who got distant from someone and also had people get distant on me. 99/100 times it's because they have lost interest or don't have enough genuine interest to being with. This to me sounds like an ex reached out to her or something... Sometime a girl can start to feel ready to move on, and then if a serious ex comes back in the picture, it stirs up a lot of emotions and can put up a huge wall for developing feelings for someone new. Again, hopefully I'm wrong and she gets it together emotionally. But also, don't let her make you jaded if things don't work out!! Nice guys are a rare commodity lol.

    • Well I've pushed away women because I was scare and we became friends first and then haut when something serious was developing she died in a car crash! I don't want that to happen again!

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  • Good question!