How did you get your first boyfriend or girlfriend?

How did you get your first bf/gf?


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  • I just met him after school one day; never seen him though. Since then he would stay after school a few times a week. He would also hang out with a group of my friends. It also also approaching the last day of school. One night we talked on Facebook and exchanged numbers. Since then we would always text each other. Then when school ended, we would hang out together with friends also. After he told me he liked me and I started liking him. And we got to know each other...bam. We've been dating for almost 6 months. :)


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  • we were in some of the same classes at high school and talked, became friends, talked online a lot, and though I never explicitly said I like you, I made it more and more obvious, especially by getting jealous of this one girl, until eventually I got kind of mad at him for not taking more initiative since it seemed he liked me too. so he asked me to prom. then I was confused because I didn't know if that meant we were going out or not, so I asked him, nicely this time, and he said he'd been waiting for a more opportune moment to ask me out on a proper date. then we walked down the hall and held hands hahah

    i promise I'm not as pushy and forceful nowadays. we just had a different sort of relationship. plus I was a very angry high schooler... I've calmed down a lot though!

    • I know what you mean about being a angry high schooler lol same here

  • i met him in middle school. Its was really dumb though lol


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