Do guys really care about how big ur butt is? + broad shoulders?

My butt isn't really flat but it's nothing to go crazy about I'll say.. its kinda cute but I'm just wondering bc in social media, songs etc, big booty is the thing๐Ÿ˜.. And a bout the shoulders. My shoulders are broad and I've always been kinda insecure about them would they make me less attractive? I have good curves to make up for my shoulders and theyre not bulky
but its really bothering me. Thanks


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  • Here is the thing. Many girls think all guys like big butts but that is not true. Some men like big butts yes and other men like medium sized butts and other men like small butts. The thing pretty much all men have in common is that they like a good butt and by this I mean a nice looking butt. If you're not really flat and have shape to your butt you are fine no matter what the size is. Some thing with the broad shoulders some men are ok with it and others are not but if you have good curves to make up for it it sounds like men are going to have no trouble finding you attractive. Most men love curves on women so you are fine.

    • In other word songs and social media give a false view of what men actually like. So if your butt is not flat you are fine. Also there are men that do not care if women have flat butts either or how a girl looks. Personality is most important to many men to. See what I am saying so many men in the world and we all like different things so no matter what you have there will be a man that likes you for what you have.

    • Thanks a ton for your opinion! It really cleared things up for me.

    • Your welcome. So love what you have got. Don't feel insecure about your body as men can sense when a woman is. I am sure you look fine and have nothing to worry about.

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  • Most of them don't mind it even when the girl has a small butt.


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    • So since you obviously like big butts..๐Ÿ˜’ would u date a girl who was flat or average?

    • the video was just for kicks. and also.. of course I would! :P

  • I want a feminine girl most of all, so broad shoulders is a NO.

    I like small butts and I like average butts, but big butts are a huge turn off for me...

    • A girl with broad shoulders can still look feminine.. unless muscular

  • Don't worry about it. I wouldn't care if a girl's shoulders were too broad.

  • NO KEEP IT HOW IT IS. I HATE big butts. as long as it isn't flat or big its normal and that is perfect.


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