Why does the sparke fade or the chemistry disappear?

I'm putting this into dating because I'm dating him. Every time I saw him I would feel butterflies or get nervous, same thing for him and he would always smile. Then he went on a trip for like two weeks, he texted me every day but it would get too cheesy sometimes so it kind of put me off. When he came home I felt nothing when I looked at him? I'm not sure if the same goes for him but in my opinion I can feel that the spark is gone at least for me. Why did this happen? It was that trip, I spent those two weeks missing him and being worried if he would be loyal, cheat on me or use me or who knows else.


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  • The hunt always feels more exciting than eating the meal. When the relationship is new, every little thing you enjoy together feels special and awesome, but after a while things normalize and the relationship becomes more mundane. This is in fact quite normal. People who continue to be in love after the initial excitement withers consider it worth the trouble. Maybe you do not.

    • Also, after a while you discover that your 'perfect man' has downsides too, which may or may not be a great bummer.

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  • There is no explanation. Such things happen. You cannot control the way you feel.


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  • Because relationships aren't magic and romantic chemistry is fake. Relationships take work, that's why people who look for "chemistry" NEVER find it. It's an unassailable excuse because you can't (more likely don't want to) pin down exactly what's "off".

    It's like an actual fire, a spark is nice, but it needs more fuel to continue. That fuel is called memories.

  • You probably feel like you have no spark because he wasn't physically there for you for two weeks.

    Sometimes, relationships fade and even though you still love them, you just don't want them anymore.

  • It was likely because distance made him realize he shouldn't be with someone who is age 18-24 and can't spell "spark"?


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