Girlfriend Issues, HELP?

My ex and I recently been talking again, after a while I asked her if she wanted to give us another chance. She said yes but she wasn't ready right now please under stand, so about a week later, I was with her and her friend, her friend said she wanted me to ask her out, so I did & she said yes, then the next day she text me saying, she hesitated and begged me to wait just a little longer, I got mad at her because I waited til she said she was ready, I don't want to play games no more. We're 16. we still flirt after we broke up.
Girlfriend Issues, HELP?


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  • "U should be, bye" thats a little harsh man. Maybe she thought she was ready but she wasn't, i can see why she said idc. Her fruend could have lied and maybe she said yeah because she felt bad.


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