Why doesn't my boyfriend text me back when clearly he has been on facebook or is 'active now'? Am I overreacting?

Like I get that he's at work (at the hospital) but I don't get how he has time to go on facebook but not have time to text me back when I've sent him double/triple texts? Any of you ever had this problem before or am I just overreacting?


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  • Give the guy some time to reply... Common... Facebook is a joke. My girl would be first priority. But who knows what he is going threw. Im sure he loves ya, just give him the time to wright back before you start to overthink things. You two wouldn't be dating otherwise hey?


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  • Sounds like he's purposely ignoring. I know a guy who responds to my texts as soon as he sees them and he's usually on Facebook as well. Your dude gets alerts I'm sure so he has no excuse.

    You're not overreacting and I would do the same to him.


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  • i believe hospitals are very busy, he may just leave fb on while attending patients. it's not good to let anyone see him multitasking entertainment and work. what i may think is fb glitch. dont worry about it!