Eldest first kisser?

First kiss always suck

. Most of you don't really remember your first kiss.

I'll tell you...

My first kiss was a year from now, aged 16...

My first girlfriend was her.

And my first time was with her 2.

And now I am with her.

My question to you is.

Do you believe this is true?

(I'm doing this one anonymously...)


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  • I will be honest and say, yes, my first kiss wasn't until 15 so I believe it. Tentatively however.

  • im 18 and haven't had my first kiss..sad huh?

    • ... I though I was the only weirdo one -.-' nvmind me

    • It isn't sad anonymous.... who gives a sh*t when you do? when you find someone you feel is worth it, itll be worth it.

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