Anyone else experiencing dating difficult because of the lack of suitable partners?

anyone else expreiencing dating as something difficult? I know its not easy, some people have it easier in terms of having more soscial skills, and other because they more attractive.

But my biggest problem as this point is finding someone to date, and when i say that i mean i can't seem to meet anyone compatable to me. Either they want only want sex, and i dont, they find way more attractive then i find them, we have nothing in common, right now there is a langauge barrier problem, or we just in general want different things out of the situation.

So its obivously frustrating.. and i can't decided if its me in terms of having too high expectations towards guys or what it is


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  • Take a break for a little while, just stop looking and focus on other things, then come back to it, refreshed and with a better mindset.

    • maybe you're right... to be honest i was only looking for something short lasting since im moving very soon.. but it seems way harder and more stressful that i did imagine

    • Yeah, I'd just suggest taking a break from looking then coming back after a while with a clear head so to speak.

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  • Nope I get rejected more times than not and I don't get approached. So my problem starts an stops at the from door.


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  • We all go through dry spells in the dating world, its a part of the game. 8-)

    • Bit my dry spell har been for 19 years

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  • Right there with you. I'm getting a lot of they seem so interested, but then they just back away.