I'm too angry to talk to him?

I don't even know why I'm angry, he seems to be angry at me and kind of ignored me last time I saw him and now I haven't heard anything from him in a couple of days. When I think of him I get angry because he does that. I should probably reach out to him? But I'm too stubborn. I have no idea what he's doing but he seemed to be so offended when I turned him down when he tried to sleep with me, my friend said he might feel like I'm not interests or treating him like a friend but I feel like he treats me like a friend now. This probably sounds confusing but you get my point, we don't talk because either he's just angry or want to break it off and I'm angry.


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  • Do ya two like each other?

    • Yes.

    • Then thats why, some woman not all, have understand that guys is out for two things sex. But the way woman see it its us being players or pigs. Two communication. Once the guy a clear understanding on what your talking about, all is golden. If you turn any of those two down, we tend to move on. What am i saying exactly? That us guys, when we know some one likes us, we want the girl to be ours. So we want something. Real men take it slow and only want cuddle, talk, or hangout. Players want sex. And when you tell us how you feel and why it becones a massive turn on, a player will use that as your weekness. So if he can't have you or take to the next level while he in pursue of a woman, us guys will act out until you change your mind.

    • I'm not sure I understand exactly, are you saying he is a player?

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  • Don't talk to him. If he pressured to sleep with you, it justifies you being angry at him.


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  • There's nothing wrong with being angry😈