Is she into me or not?

Went on a date with this girl we hit it off, our mutual friend even told me how excited she was when I asked her out. When I asked if she was free on the weekend for another date she told me she maybe free Sunday night so I told her to let me know if she was but she hasn't replied back. Im feeling its her way of saying I dont want to see you again since its been a couple days now without an answer.


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  • There are many possibilities...
    1. She wants you to call her and ask her about it again (An excuse to talk to you more)
    2. She is playing hard to get/ testing to see if you're serious
    3. She does not know how to reply, because she's shy
    4. She doesn't want to
    My suggestion is that you just ring her up, ask her about it nicely and not make her feel like she has to go out with you, but don't make it sound like you aren't interested either, just ask her. You will never know unless you ask her.


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  • Unless she tells she doesn't want another date, it's nothing to worry about. Just calm down and be patient. It's hard I know.


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  • She likes you. Maybe she is just to busy. In my opinion your being paranoid

  • She's probably waiting for you to ask her out again. Send her a message asking if she'd like to go somewhere with you on Sunday. If she doesn't respond then let her be. Good luck!


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