Time required for a Relationship? Then to Engagement? Then Marriage?

How long do you think couples should be in a relationship for before engagement starts? How long in the engagement phase before proceeding to marriage for a lifetime? I know it's different for everyone but if you had to take a rough, estimated guess for the average couple, what would you say? :3


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  • I think you should be in a relationship for two years before getting engaged and get married within a year after getting engaged.

    • That seems like a good amount of time to know someone!
      I've been with my girlfriend for almost 5 years and I still don't feel ready for engagement yet xD

    • that's because you're 23. People mistake being ready for marriage and being ready to marry a specific someone. When you are ready for marriage, 3 years is enough. The honeymoon phase of new relationships lasts around 18 months, if you're still deeply in love with that person just as much or more after the honeymoon phase is over than most likely you'll love them for a long long time.


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  • There is no such thing as time-rules when it comes to proceed the relationship further.


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  • I'd say 5 years for engagement and then marriage whenever you have time, even day after lol