Shy girl and guy flirting problem? I don't know how to flirt with my crush without coming off as annoying and desperate?

i like this guy, but he's really shy. we have each other's number and snapchat, however, none of us reach out first. i really wanna date him and let him know that i like him without coming off as annoying and desperate. just becoming good friends would be a good start for me. I don't know if he likes me either, what are the signs that he does? it's summer vacation so we haven't seen/talked to each other since school ended. any advice would really help me, i'm new at this whole dating thing


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  • Just talk ask him how his summer has been what he has been doing ex do it for a few days just catching up talking having fun and if he hasn't asked on the third day that ask if he'd like to meet up some we're to talk and have fun maybe the movies or a roller rink just small stuff that leads to a first kiss and holding hands


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  • If a guy likes you and he's shy, he'll love it if you take the initiative and ask him. Any guy would be flattered, actually. Shy people are very cautious and uncertain that their feelings will be reciprocated, so they might overthink things to the point that they think that there's no way the feelings are mutual and therefore never make a move.

    I took the first move with the guy I'm dating now and we've been on 8 dates in a months time. He's shy too, but he is really starting to open up to me now. You just need to be patient.


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  • I've never thought of a girl as "desperate", let alone girls who I enjoy talking to. Just talk with him like a normal-ass person.


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