You like these 2 girls and you see them at the same time?

So you are going to lunch, you got your tray and you go around the corner to sit at one of their 3 tables when you realise that there are 2 girls there that you have been messaging and like and are considering dating but have not yet made the next step. The girls do not know each other so one is sitting on one table the other is on the other table. Where do you sit? What do you do?

  • Turn around and walk out before they see you
    0% (0)33% (2)18% (2)Vote
  • Sit at the empty table and pretend not to notice them
    40% (2)0% (0)18% (2)Vote
  • Say hi to both and sit at empty table
    0% (0)17% (1)9% (1)Vote
  • Say hi to both and ask to all sit at one table
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  • Sit at the table of the girl you like most and ask the other to join you
    20% (1)0% (0)9% (1)Vote
  • Sit at the table of the girl you like most without asking the other to join you
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  • other
    40% (2)16% (1)28% (3)Vote
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  • Do not pursue both at the same time.


Most Helpful Guy

  • D, nothing like some good old competition lol.


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  • Uh skip lunch, figure out who you like for real and tell them both the truth...