We just started going out and I think we'll have our first kiss soon! I'm nervous :/ Any tips?

I've kissed other people before, but this guy is two and a half years older than me! I'm just scared I'll go it all wrong... ahh so nervous! Any advice? :/

Welllll we kissed! And it was fabulous :) thanks guys <3


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  • 1. Don’t over-think.
    2. Be confidence. Truly love every single inch of your external and internal self. When you think like that, it gives you an instinctive sense of ‘can-do’ and keeps you from sinking into self-consciousness and low self-worth.
    3. Use your hands. Gently placing a hand on the side of his face, the nape of his neck, or both hands on his chest works well. It kinda depends on the kiss. Some kisses are short an awkward, some are longer. When I had my first kiss, it lasted for like 20 seconds which is a long time for the first time your lips are on someone else’s lol then we just kept kissing for the next 20 min or so…my hands stayed active. That keeps the energy flowing and it’s just a nice sensation to compliment the kiss if you do some gentle caresses or scratching his scalp.
    4. Oooze charm. Try to have that combo of little kid charm and grown woman sexiness. It drives men crazy.

    • lol thanks for MHO. I was drifting off into sleep when I posted this. "Be confidence" lmao

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  • Don't be nervous. As my best friend told me when I first started dating my girlfriend almost 4 months ago was that. Do it at your own pace. If you fail at the kiss it is alright you will learn. That is what happened to me and my girlfriend when we first started kisses our teeth would hit and we laugh but we just kissed a lot and got better at it. But yeah just go at your own pace and do it when you both feel the time is right and you are really into it. :)


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  • Be sweet, sensual, and sexy.

    • Also - keep in mind that this is amazing... getting to have a first kiss with someone. In my experience the guy might rush into making it happen... Really take the time to enjoy it and know that as long as you just kiss him the way you feel, it will be special and amazing.

  • stop being nervous.. age difference means nothing..

  • This sounds sexist but let him lead. If you try to lead, it will be a mess. Also don't let it get too heated aha I have a story to tell you if you want to hear