Do I still have feelings for my ex?

I was going out with a guy briefly a few months ago and I broke up with him because i wasn't into the relationship. I always thought I had been harsh and thought that I should have given him more of a chance. Now every time I see him it's like I have feelings for him and I want to be around him and I flirt with him a bit. But whenever I am away from him for more than a week I think about dating him and I don't want to. It's like I'm not interested at all. What's going on?


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  • It sounds like you have both feelings of love for him mixed with feelings of hate.


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  • Ah, I've had this feeling before! But I hope you don't make the same mistake as I did..

    I broke up with this guy because the relationship was becoming boring, and I kinda knew he wasn't the right guy but I didn't have enough guts, so about one month later we got back together again. During that one month I was feeling just like you now. We managed to date about another 2.5 years after that, but towards the end, I caught him emotionally cheating on me and it was all ended for good.

    But it left me very much heartbroken and guarded when it comes to matters of the heart after that.

    My advice: Stay firm where you are, you're doing the right thing.


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  • You are experiencing guilt because you say you felt you acted harshly towards him. Has he expressed any interest in getting back with you?

    Leave the situ as it is because if you go back, the same scenario is likely to repeat itself again. Enjoy his company as a friend and move forward and let all of your feelings and emotions settle.

  • Yep you didn't totally let go of him yet.