Should I say something or not?

I've been long distance dating a guy since Jan. I've been to his side of the world twice and he's been to mine once. He was due to visit again in June, but kept saying he had to postpone the visit a because of his work schedule. He was due again this month, still no show. I spoke to his friend the other day, who said they're planning a visit in a couple months... the guy himself hasn't told me anything, infact we haven't spoken for 3 weeks. Im under no disillusion that he's not serious, but my question is, do i say something to him or not? Im inclined to leave it, but i hate to let guys off the hook so easily. Going ghost is just not ok after you make promises...


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  • Run... don't wait for an explanation. If you gonna bad mouth him, do it and boot him out of your life. 3 weeks and no contact. When I text someone I know damn well they got my message. They don't have to respond immediately but I hope to get a response.
    Ignoring me longer then 4 days, knowing your cell is glued to your hand. Tells me that you would rather not have me around. Ignoring my call tells me you wish I didn't exist in this relationship. A little consideration goes miles.
    The heck with this guy. You can do better Gorgeous.


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  • Yeah I hate people who can't hold onto there promises. I don't see it a bad thing to ask him. You don't sound like you have been hassling him about it

  • That's what makes long distance tough. If you're both serious about the relationship you should talk to each other at least once a week.