Should I take the risk and give him my number or just let it go?

I've had a big crush on this guy who lives in my apartment building for quite a while now. He stares at me a lot and says hi every time I see him and I think he might have a crush on me as well. I really want to know him but I'm way too shy to ask for his number. I'm moving away in about a week and was thinking of writing him a note with my number and leaving it when I go. Any suggestions on what to say?


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  • You should just let it go.


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  • Definitely, does he know your name? I would just leave a short note! Hopefully he will contact you (:

    • He doesn't know my name and I don't know his either! 😕 Any suggestions on what to say?

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  • yeah... I will do it right now so that he has a week to decide, if he is in to you to make a move or something like that...


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