How do I show him I'm interested without flirty?

I work with this guy who is insanely handsome, so sweet and polite. The problem is that I am to afraid to ask him on a date. I feel as if I'd scare him away because he reminds me of me back when I was in high school. Also, I am scared to let him know because it would be awkward seeing him if he rejects me. I just invited him to my bff's get together at a bar this Saturday and he said he would think about it. If he shows up how do I show him I am interested without scaring him off.
Keep in mind, I am a 22 year old women who has never kissed someone and never dated.


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  • Any woman here please read what I have to say carefully. Men don't just ask out random women. Unless he's just a pervert who doesn't give a fuck, most men will test a woman to see if she's interested. If you don't flirt, we assume you're not interested. In my opinion women with little experience in dating don't know how to get a man's attention because they're scared to flirt.


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  • well you kinda have to do it.. you are running out of time


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  • Well first of all, you have the power here, if he shows up then you know he´s somewhat interested, so then you have to let him "chase" you. You are going to have to filrt for him to realize you are interested, Be nice, and classy about it, and then he should make the next move.