How did you meet the last person you dated or are currently dating?


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  • In high school senior year, we had a class together. We actually went through our fist year of college without dating, but we're finally together now! He "courted" me for months, it was very sweet :)


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  • I met my husband while I was on vacation in his hometown. He worked in a tourist-y type of job and I was there as a tourist. We saw each other and we now admit it was love at first sight for both of us. He asked me to go on a "personal tour" (which was a walk around where he worked), and we began talking about the area and I told him I noticed he didn't have a website to attract more tourist traffic. I offered to do that for him, but it was really an invite to call me/email me and keep in touch. When I left, right away he emailed me and said he should have asked me out. I returned pretty quick to go see him again, and we made it pretty official. :) The rest is history.

  • We met playing soccer. He subbed for my team one night when we were short on players. He plays for a team that's headed by a friend of my captains. We now sub on each others teams regularly.

  • He was my neighbour when we started dating.


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