Why does she text me then ignore me?

My ex who I was with for 6 months text me the otherday, basicaly saying she misses me and wants to see me again and can't belive she let me go. I text her the otherday seeing if she wanted to do someting, she said she wanted to, said it sounded amazing and said maybe next week? and asked loads of questions about me. I said yeah next week should be good what day you thinking and asked her how she was etc... anyway 5 days on and I've not had a reply of her... I got the impression she was intrested as she's been contacting me on an off. but to take 5 days to reply suggest otherwise, im not texting her again as if she wants to do something she will get back to me, Im just curious if anyone has an explination or has had this happen to them before?


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  • She probably changed her mind.


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  • whoa wait... she might be not sure yet!!! seems like she was intrested since she was askin tons of questions s u said... but u can text her sth like "wot happened? y don't u respond?"...