What is to be said about a guy who just wants money and power? And doesn't care to do anything philanthropic? Are most guys like this?

Are most guys money seeking? I've met a guy recently who just wants to make tons of money. He doesn't care about doing good for the world because he said in his business (finance) he never can. He said he'd donate to any charity I wanted. Is this a weird situation I have going here?


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  • I don't understand what his job has to do with giving back. Its a lame excuse to me. He sounds selfish

    • His job has nothing to do with giving back. He plans to keep all the money he makes, I believe.

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    • Run girl run

    • my friend thinks he's just a selfish insecure a-hole, but not a sociopath. she thinks if I want to stick around and dig deeper I can, but if not then give it up.

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  • I'd stay away from him if I were you.


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  • How you conceive the idea of philanthropism? doing good things for the world like? but it's good sign he weren't holding out his honest thoughts on this topic.

    • yeah he's super honest, that's for sure. If that's what he really thinks?

  • He's got his priorities straight. I'd respect him.


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